Power Banana Smoothie

Ready in less than 5 minutes Serves 1 people 280 calories Ingredients ● 2 medium banana ● 1 scoop Whole Foods and Fitness Protein meal ● 8-12 oz unsweetened non-dairy milk ● Hemp protein/pumpkin seeds(optional) Preparation 1. Blend bananas, protein meal, and unsweetened milk. 2. Add hemp protein and...

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THREE BERRY BURST A super healthy plant-based, and delicious smoothie that is perfect for the busy mornings. Berry burst is full of quality protein, fiber, potassium, and only 307 calories. Ingredients ½  cup strawberries ½  cup raspberries ½ cup blueberries 2 medjool dates 1 scoop Whole Foods and Fitness meal replacement...

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