Strengthening Your Core

Strengthening Your Core

A strong core, including strong abdominals and back muscles, is important for everyday tasks. Whether bringing in bags of groceries or carrying around a toddler, you need a strong core to reduce your chance of injury. Likewise, a strong and tone core will make you look and feel better as the weather gets warmer. Try these 3 exercises to help strengthen and tone your mid-section.

  1. Scissor Kicks – While lying flat on your back with your hand tucked under your buttocks against the floor – raise your heels about 2 inches off the ground while keeping your knees straight.Lift your left leg in the air with your knee extended out straight. While raising your left leg, keep your right leg extended heel off the ground. Lower your left leg to the starting position and then raise your right leg the same way. Alternate left and right legs all while keeping your knees extended out straight and keeping your heels off the ground. Time yourself and see if you can increase your time each session.
  2. Circle Plank – start in plank position with your abs tightened. Draw your right knee up toward your chest and make small circles with your knee in a counter-clockwise pattern. Complete 5 rotations and then return your right leg to start position. Repeat this with your left leg. Complete 5 sets with each leg.
  3. Superman – Lying flat on your stomach in supine with your arms stretched out above your head, gently extend your shoulders and legs up so that your body weight is on your chest and abdomen. Hold this for a few second before relaxing to the start position. Repeat this up to 10 times for 5 sets.


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