5 Simple easy ways to lose 10 pounds

Top 5 ways to lose 10 pounds

Before you begin your weight loss journey, you need to do the following and write down this information.

  • What do you weigh?
  • What do you want to weigh?
  • How long until you want to be at that weight?
  • Why do you want to lose the weight?

These are all important factors. By writing it down, you’ll have a greater accountability to yourself. We suggest taping this up to the mirror in your bathroom or wherever you get ready in the morning as a reminder. Remember the “why” of wanting to lose weight will better define the “how” you lose weight.

  1. Get out for a walk or run three to four times per week. Even just 15-20 min of a brisk walk or a light job can make a huge impact. Not only does it help to burn some calories, but with exercise, your body releases endorphins which make you feel better too.
  2. Snack on veggies. Replace those old habits with new healthy ones that are good for you. Veggies and hummus dip is a great way to get protein and vitamins, but also is low in calories and sugar, thereby allowing you to drop calories, without having to sacrifice or miss out on those snacks we all love to have.
  3. Get the right amount of fiber. Watch for those foods that do not have much fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling full and therefore can curb your appetite and keeping you from being tempted to grab food in-between meals.
  4. Make time for exercise. We are all super busy. Find little ways to be more active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away in parking lots so you have to walk a little further, do some squats while you brush your teeth. Small steps like this have a surprising impact on your level of activity when you tally them all up.
  5. Cut out the processed foods. These foods are usually high in sugar and high in calories. Opt for more plant-based whole foods. Try to make some delicious smoothies with fruits, vegetables, and protein powder. This is a great way to replace one meal per day, which may eliminate 200-500 calories or more from you diet, thereby helping you reach your weight loss goals sooner.

For a great kick-start to losing weight be sure to drink our Whole Foods and Fitness meal replacement each day. This is a great way to reduce calories, but still get all the nutrition you need to have the energy to power through your morning. See just what you can do in the next 30 days. Be sure to take a before and after picture. You may just surprise yourself in how good you’ll look with a few changes to your diet and a little more exercise. Plus, you’ll feel amazing….and you can’t put a price on that.


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