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Hi there, I’m Kwabena Attobra, call me Kobby, I’m a Quality Assurance Analyst for a private university, and I’m currently pursuing my MBA in Human Resource Management and Data Analytics. My journey to healthy eating and fitness started on a Saturday morning in 2008. Why so specific about the day? I am a big fan of watching PBS on Saturday mornings and this day the topic was about nutrition and healthy eating. The guest speaker was Dr. Neal D. Barnard; he is the President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He was passionately talking about how a whole foods plant-based diet is the way of the future. Dr Barnard believes a whole foods plant-based diet will protect you from almost all the diseases that are currently afflicting many Americans. I became vegetarian that day, started exercising and running and lost 40 pounds. About six months after that I took the final step to become vegan.

I have continued to follow a whole foods plant-based diet. A whole foods plant-based diet is what all I’m about and has helped me maintain my weight for over the last several years. The information on this fantastic site will show you how easy, cheap, and effortless it can be to eat healthy and stay active. Look around, learn a recipe, and let us know what you think.


My name is Nate Sparrow and I am a founder of Whole Foods and Fitness. From being a high school all-state honorable mention, a college athlete to 30 pounds overweight a decade later. I realized my life was going into a downward spiral. I kept eating like an athlete, yet wasn’t active like one. Life happened. Kids (which I love), running a nationally ranked recruiting and training company for a Fortune 500 Company and all the other things life throws at you. I kept convincing myself I didn’t have the time or energy to exercise and eat right. That all changed when I was introduced to a nutritarian (plant-based) diet and Tabata workouts. Enough became enough and I committed to following a plant-based diet and simple Tabata workouts for six weeks.

I wanted to create a system that I could follow. Not only did I drop the 30 pounds of weight in the six-week time frame, my cholesterol numbers went from 187 to 115 and I have an incredible amount of energy. Since 2015 I have been following this system and continue to reap the benefits that comes with it. My hope is that you find inspiration in the programs we develop to help you achieve your desired health goals.


My name is Jason Sparrow and I am an occupational therapist. For the last decade I have worked with individuals to get them back to living independent lives after a catastrophic illness or injury. I have often seen first-hand the effects that poor diet and inactivity have taken on these individual’s lives. Seeing individuals go through the rehabilitation process, I began to wonder if there was a better way. What if we could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stoke, obesity, and diabetes altogether?

About that same time I questioned this, I found myself with elevated cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar during my annual check-up. After researching how to improve my health, I switched to follow a plant-based diet and quickly saw a reduction in my own numbers. Here was the answer. If people could reduce consumption of meat and dairy, and eat healthy plant-based foods, they too could drastically reduce their risk of disease and debility.

This has been a driving force for the creation of Whole Foods and Fitness. By creating delicious meal replacement shakes, combined with fitness challenges/tips and delicious plant-based recipes we can help more people take the necessary daily steps to improve their overall health and well-being.


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